Bikepacking, Canada

My great trail 6ieme partie

The wind, the sun, ouch! Now that I’ve been riding more road and more highway, I go through a lot more daily kms. But it is long and painful, especially when my audiobook ends with 100km to go. I started signing to my bad music repertoire to pass time

There is still a lot of history and things to see, as long as I stop focusing on the destination and enjoy the journey.

Detoured to a Moose mountain provincial park one night and enjoyed a lake side campsite and a break from the flat prairies.

I get so focused on the destination that I forget to eat and just push through. I can ride a day on a just good breakfast and snacks, but I pay for it the following day.

My gluten friendly McDonald’s breakfast

Arriving in Winnipeg, I decided to take a day off, day to relax, drink good coffee and erase a bit of my cyclist tan. The helmet design on my forehead is pretty impressive!

Forth Cafe

Little Sister coffee

I was so happy to meet with Vancouver friends here. Friendly faces good wine and beer made the tough day on the bike disappear. And as we all know hydration is very important 🙂

I honestly dread Ontario, worried about all the distance to cover to get through it. The lack of good coffee shops along the way is also very sad. If anyone has any recommendations for coffee along highway 17 please let me know.