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I eat hills for breakfast!

Not sure why, but the only bikes I crossed path with were electric!

I left the beautiful city of Lucerne on a glorious morning, to attack some hills and explores Switzerland’s countryside. I followed a Switzerland bike route the entire day, no need to look at my phone or GPS.

My day was spent with the company of cows, goats and sheeps and barely any humans. Almost no engine sounds, just the cow bells and my heavy breathing. The route uses mostly bike paths (gravel and paved) and small barely used roads. There were 2 good climbs that day and I was prepared for them. I really enjoyed these tough kilometres!

The following day I decided to keep following the same road. It was so well marked the previous day, that I decided to not even map it out. From their little elevation chart, it looked like mostly downhill, NOT! I kept passing signs letting me know if a pass was open, some others with “ACHTUNG” a high percentage and many km. It was tough! More then I was mentally prepared for.

I made it! Taking layers off for climbing, just to get dressed again later. Making sure I ate and hydrated as much as I could.

I passed some ski villages and made sure to stop and have a good meal. Not sure what I ate, the lady just showed me a plate and told that’s what was for lunch today(in a mix of French/English/German).

Ended my day in Montreux, with a stupidly insane 40km downhill. Nice city in a wonderful wine region, on lake Léman.

My hotel had a hot tub and I spent a good part of the evening in it 🙂

Bikepacking, Nouvelle Zelande

Journée de vacances

After a day on the highway we decided to treat ourself. The taste trail was the best way to relax and get back to vacation mode!

We booked two nights at our holiday camp in Nelson and spent a day riding without luggage. The Taste trail has negligeable elevation gain and is mainly on bike paths. The riding surface is a mix of pavement, gravel, dirt and wooden boardwalk. It was refreshing to ride through vineyards instead of just sheep and cow fields. The wine tasting was also very refreshing 🙂 Just in the middle of our day we stumbled upon a great vineyard offering lunch in a very nice setting, the Seifried estate. We took our time tasting local cheese and seafood, as well as very good wine.

The road to our next trail is too hilly for my one handed cycling partner, we decided to take the bus and get to Greymouth a couple of days earlier. This safer way gives us time to ride the West coast wilderness trail before we get on the train to Christchurch.