Bikepacking, Taiwan

Formosa 900

A challenge for some cyclists, a discovery adventure for us, the Formosa 900 was a good start to our holiday.

It’s my first time travelling to a country where I do not understand a word anyone says. The language is different, but also is the culture.

People are nice, so very nice! They are so eager to help, translate, explain,..

The food isn’t your typical Chinese food, there is rice and tofu, but so much more. Every region has it’s specialty and we ate the local food everywhere we went. Sweeter soy sauce in a region, nicer rice in another, local fish, local fruits,..

Most meals where shared and there was always too much food. Even if we road 900km, no one lost weight.

The organization was perfect, they made easy for us to just ride our bikes, no one got lost. There may have been a few crashes, but nothing major and it could have been a lot worse, considering the different skill levels.

I met great people, awesome humans! It is the perfect setting for starting new friendships.

Now it’s time to get lost and eat food from 7eleven!

Bikepacking, Taiwan

Made in Taiwan

4 Year’s ago, tourism Taiwan invited me to visit the country and participate in a few cycling events. It was a great experience, I saw so many lush forests, incredible scenery, historic neighbourhoods,…but they never took us through the industrial side of Taiwan. Imagine the biggest industrial park in your area and multiply it 50. It’s impressive, but scary too.

The crowded cities made way to a quieter road running between the coast and the mountains today. The day ended in Checheng , where we got to see fisherman empty their boat filled with today’s catch and relax to the sound of the water.

Looking forward to a ride across the mountains tomorrow and leaving the hectic , busy coast behind.

Bikepacking, Taiwan

A group ride around Taiwan

We embarqued in a 9 day fully supported tour of Taiwan, the Formosa 900, organized by Giant cycling tours. I am totally out of my element, not used to follow someone’s pace and ride with 29 unknown people.

It all started with a big reunion outside the Taipei City hall, a gathering of cyclist s with shower caps, helmets worn backward, sandals with wool socks,… quite scary for the bike snob I am! What did I get us into?!!?

The pace isn’t fast, but the goal is to have a guided tour of the island and ride our bikes. A few helmet fitting and group riding lessons later and everyone is on the road. I am learning to be a better group ride cyclist, but also meeting awesome people and discovering Taiwan in a way I couldn’t do on my own.

As long as we can run away for some cool coffee shop hunting or get a few kilometres to ourselves for some fast pace riding, it’s perfect! It couldn’t be better organized, an awesome team leading and supervising, very tasty traditional food and a good selection of hotels.