Bikepacking, Europe adventure

Anne-Marie and Sandra’s excellent adventure begins

Sandra isn’t just a pro mountain biker, she is also an experienced traveller. We get along great! We ride bikes, are addicted to good coffee and don’t mind the weird Google map routes. She also speaks German and has welcoming family in many different countries 🙂

First stop Austria

No better way to discover a country then by bike. Sandra’s uncle took us and his ebike on a couple of rides around Salzburg. Amazing network of trails, we rode around Salzburg, to Germany, along rivers, through forests,…I can still smell the subtle smell from all the wild garlic growing in the woods.

We left Salzburg for Obertraun, Sandra is here to race, I am there to relax and help when needed. No stress! But I am probably more anxious then her, being tech support for her race is a first for me. My job will be to hand her water and be ready for any mechanical. The night before we went over the required tools and I got my instructions. Now all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that I do not drop a bottle or that she gets a mechanical.

She killed it! amazing 5th place result, no mechanical, no dropped bottle. PERFECT! I got to watch the pro mechanics fix Pauline’s flat, Eva yell (or talk loudly the italian way) at her feed person for handing the wrong bottle, U23 athlete pass all the elite women and just enjoy how fast these ladies are!

As I said earlier, I am training for a 50km run, did I also tell you that Sandra talked me into doing a mountain bike marathon race? And that it takes place in a few days in Germany? I’d better get back to the training and find places to run or ride. Not a tough job at all! So many trails in Obertraun, I ran up in the alpine, until the snow line stopped me, then on lower trails crossing rivers and beautiful forest. Rode my bike along rivers, railways, on trails and paved roads. So well marked, that even if I don’t understand german, and with my orientational challenges I didn’t get lost once (Maybe a bonus climb or 2).

I still can’t believe I am in Austria, riding my bike, and running.

Europe adventure

Anne Marie and Sandra’s excellent adventure (premiere partie)

She knew it, I couldn’t say no.

My summer was planned, I was to concentrate on running. I am training for a 50km trail run at the end of the summer, following a program, with a coach and a few running adventures to keep the training fun.

I couldn’t say no.

Pretty simple, I run my marathon, pack my bike (That wasn’t even assembled) and get on a plane a couple of days later. Destination Munich 🙂

Just another cycling adventure, but this time it involves mountain biking. The plan is to ride my bike in Salzburg, ride it again in Obertraun, be tech support for her race, ride my bike in Albstadt race a xc marathon, then fly home.

After all that I go for a 3 day run on the West coast trail. EASY! But so happy to be here and to have accepted the invite.

Thanks Sandra, I don’t think I stopped smiling since I stepped off the plane.