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I miss the coast!

The countdown to San Francisco has started, the signs on the 101 indicate that we are now less then 200 miles from destination. Even if we are still enjoying the ride, I can’t wait to arrive.

Yesterday was supposed to be an easy day, we had it all planned out; 100km from Klamath to Eureka have fresh legs for a longer stretch of 150km to Leggett, then 400km to San Francisco split in 3 days. Simple, but we had some issues.

The day started with a great ride through Redwood state park, but I pushed a little too much on the downhill and slipped, no big deal, hurting a bit 😦 Then head to the hotel I had booked in Eureka (Econolodge), just to find out it is home for drug addicts and sketchy people. We didn’t even stop it was too scary, even for Heidi who is the tough one. We rode a few blocs away, I entered the name of the next town in my super Garmin computer and we rode away as fast as we could, following the directions. NOT A GOOD IDEA! Garmin doesn’t want you on the freeway, even if it is the bike route. We ended up climbing a never ending hill of over 10km at grades varying between 10-20%. AAAAAHHHHHH….. I love climbing, but that was insane. We finally asked for direction and got told we would never make it to Fortuna taking that road.

We turned around back to Eureka and made it to another hotel (Comfort inn) with an amazing hot tub, where we could recuperate from that 140km day.

We saw a lot of poverty on our ride, but Eureka and Garberville were the worst. There were a lot of homeless people in the city and even on the sides of the freeway.

Today we spent 100km riding the 101 and an amazing 50km through the avenue of the giants. It’s not the first time I ride through that forest, but I still find it impressive to ride on there surrounded by these 1000+ year old trees. We made it to Leggett staying in a weird looking motel, but clean, nice people, hot shower and comfy bed 🙂

We will take highway 1 tomorrow, a big climb sitting between us and the coast. I can’t wait to see the ocean again!








Bikepacking, Californie, San Francisco, USA

Lion’s gate to Golden gate


golden gate bridge

We made it!

Highway 1 all the way to San Francisco was amazing, hilly, windy, breathtaking! Great switchbacks with downhills and climbs that made the ride even more interesting.

Charming coastal towns, flowers blooming everywhere along the road, diverse wildlife, it was amazing!

Pavement was mostly a 8/10 (according to Heidi and my grading scale). The shoulder on the other hand was mainly inexistent, which made some of our coexistence with cars nerve wrecking.

Heidi’s parents met us in Manchester where we had our second to last camping night and gave us the royal treatment! They fed us, made sure we were warm and even offer to carry our packs for the next day. Thanks for making me your honorary daughter!

Our last day was a 50km ride from Point Reyes to the Golden Gate. Another huge climb to start the day didn’t slow Heidi down. It was awesome to see her so excited to finally get a glimpse of the bridge.

We made it!

162336m climbing
13 days

Thanks Heidi for making me part of that great adventure!