Bikepacking, Europe adventure

Anne-Marie and Sandra’s excellent adventure comes to an end

What a way to end that trip!

I am new to the racing culture, growing up I would sell bikes and sports equipment to some great athletes but I never got to assist to events of that level and meet or ride with humans of that caliber. I knew Sandra was fast, but seeing her race along these other world class athletes was impressive.


Cycling is such a big deal in Europe, so many fans were assisting with either a cow bell or a beer in hand. The course wasn’t easy, super slippery due to rain the previous days and made more challenging with some tough rock features. There were lots of tumbles and crashes, but these ladies were so tough and so so fast.


With her best world cup result, Sandra got the star treatment, being asked for autographs and getting interviewed. So proud of her and so happy I got to witness such a race. What a great way to start her race season!


Sandra than headed to the next race in Czech republic and I to Munich. Time to try a schnitzel and drink my first German beer. My Munich visit also included a run along the river, long walk to soak in the culture, coffee shop hunting and bakery sampling 🙂


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