Bikepacking, Taiwan

I did it again!

No mountains today 😦 After a very tasty McDonald’s breakfast we rode our toughest fastest flattest 100km ever!

Getting out if the city took us about 1/2 hour, then it was a constant tailwind as we reached the coast and enjoyed our lunch and coffee break.

Then the winds turned! Well, they kept on turning for the last 30km of our ride. The dominant tailwind helped keep a good speed, but the wind gusts we pushing us off the road or into traffic. Scary!

But as always, I succeeded in choosing the hotel that would challenge us the most. Just one last turn after passing all these charming B&B’s, quaint resorts, a few kilometres more, just enough for the wind to become a head wind and stop us. It’s quite a nice hotel, with ocean view 🙂 and amazing food.

Kenting is very different from the rest of Taiwan, it is a busy touristy beach town. We were hoping to even out the cyclist sun tan, but the wind brought the clouds and the rain.


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