Bikepacking, Taiwan

Love hate relationship

I could have climbed these mountains for ever, admire these views, challenge myself,… Don’t take me wrong, I grumble or even swear when I see the road winding up hundreds of feet higher, but the satisfaction of making it up there makes the sore muscles and heavy breathing a distant memory! The roads here are perfect for riding, it is a lot of climbing. But mainly tight switchbacks that make every hill more enjoyable and the torture of these steep grades short lived.

By taking the road less travelled we discovered pretty cool areas. We rode through a coffee region today, along hot springs yesterday, tea heaven a few days before,…

We need to cover more distance, all the climbing is slowing us down and we won’t make it to the south of Taiwan if we stay inland. I am now dreaming of that sandy beach and spending a day without a chamois! Our first attempt of riding flat roads wasn’t a success. As soon as we got out of the forest we were greeted by air pollution, scooters and trucks. We ran back to the mountains for one last night on the top of the world, just 15km of climbing to get to our hotel at 1300m elevation. At least the next morning was mostly downhill.

Getting to Pingtung today was depressing, from greenery and peaceful roads we entered a grey, busy city. Until we arrived to our very affordable hotel and got to choose which cool coffee shop we could try and which type of food we would eat. Surprisingly this city has a very important artistic scene and some pretty cool areas to discover. I may like the mountains, but I missed the small luxuries of the bigger cities.


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