Bikepacking, Taiwan

Off day

After picking the hotel at the highest elevation in Lugu, you would have thought that the next day would have started with a descend 🙂 nope! 17km climb to start the day! The plan was to have an easy day to recover after all the climbing we had done the previous days.

At least the hotel I picked for the next day was only 30km away.

Once we stopped climbing we entered a valley where they were growing tea on every side of every hill at every elevation no matter how steep the terrain was. It smelled so good over there. The narrow road meandering between fields would take us to some impressive viewpoints. Only one field had pickers and we could here the ladies chatting hidden under their conical hats.

So peaceful, no cars, no buses, it was like this road was meant to be kept a secret. I keep being amazed by how beautiful this country is.

Early arrival at tonight’s B&B, Japanese soaker tub, awesome dinner, ready for more climbing tomorrow 🙂


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