Bikepacking, Taiwan

Not out of the forest yet!

We visited a couple of coffee growers and roasters and tasted coffee from a few different coffee shops and now it’s time to move south. I am surprised that in the heart of tea growing regions the coffee industry is thriving. In Nantou county we could still easily find the daily espresso fix, but as we get deeper in the countryside, we get the tradition Taiwan coffee infusion. I may have insulted some coffee growers by asking for milk.

Taiwan is a big producer of tea and we did ride besides fields of tea bushes, but also lots of banana trees, dragon fruit, melons,…

The distances we cover each day is smaller then we had first planned since the hills may be a bit steeper then predicted. I love hill climbing and I am loving the riding here, my two cycling companions seem to enjoy it too. We will slowly make our way south, but with the constant 10% to 20% grades we encounter, we may take a few extra days to get out of the forest 🙂


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