Bikepacking, Taiwan

Road cycling paradise

Even if I️ tried to get lost, I️ don’t think I️ could! It is so easy to create the best routes, have some pretty amazing climbs and scenery without having to wander too far from a town. As soon as you get out of the big cities, traffic is very light and there are lots of secondary roads that are barely used. We have been treated to the best paved roads since we got here, not only the busier roads, but even the alleys have new pavement.

Sun Moon Lake is a busy touristic area, but everyone seems to stay around the lake. The road around the lake is fun and has challenging climbs and descends, but it’s way too busy on a sunny weekend. We escaped the tour buses and explored the surrounding area, just beautiful windy mountain roads. I️ have never had so much accessible amazing road riding, it’s so nice riding through the center of the island, that we are debating staying here for a few days.

In New Zealand it was safer to ride the trails, here you’d better stay on the road. If it’s not paved, it’s not safe, maybe because of land slides, snakes. There is actually no need to venture of road, Taiwan invests constantly in it’s infrastructure and offers much more safe and amazing cycling options then anyone could ever discover.

We still had to venture off the beaten path 🙂


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