Bikepacking, Nouvelle Zelande

Alps 2 ocean trail

The last 2 days were just perfect!

The Alps 2 ocean trail can be completed in 2 to 8 days, it is recommended to give yourself at least 4 days to ride it. A lot of the sections were very easy, but most of it deserves a certain fitness level. The trail is gaining in popularity, some tour companies will shuttle riders from one easy section to the next and a growing number of cyclotouristes are discovering it. There are more and more accommodations along the trail, but make sure you plan accordingly, because not every town has a supermarket or lodging.

Yesterday we planned a 90km day riding from Otematata to Duntroon, but got really worried when we couldn’t find a place to stay the night. We resorted in drinking our sorrows at the Ostler wine tasting establishment and told the manager about our issue. Jim, from Ostler Vineyards, helped us find the nicest accommodation we had all month and saved me from camping with the cows in someone’s field. Kelsey may have been a bit tipsy riding to destination, but with the huge tailwind and a mostly downhill ride, we made it!

Maylene just opened her bed and breakfast and we were her first customers. The property (Grandview farmstay) sits on an 800 hectar dairy farm and is located right on the A2O trail and has impressive views and a HUGE BATHTUB 🙂 neither Kelsey or I wanted to leave this morning.

The last section of the trail is as fun and scenic as the others, steep climbs with fun switchbacks, scary tunnel, awesome rock formations,… Ending in Oamaru is also a good way to end the journey, a cool old Victorian town. A lot of cool shops, penguin viewing and a very good coffee roaster (steam coffee).

We stayed on the trail, didn’t get lost, climbed some great hills, drank very good wine, ate very tasty local cheese and charcuterie and had an amazing sleep, doesn’t get much better!














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