Bikepacking, Nouvelle Zelande

Please, more trails like this!

Every day Kelsey and I leave the campsite and head to the trail, every morning for the last couple of weeks, we have been heading the wrong way! Today was our first day following the map properly and not getting lost. Following the recommendations of the New Zealand bikepacking group, we got on the Alps to ocean trail.

We left Lake Tekapo yesterday and enjoyed an easy day of mainly downhill easy bike path riding to Twizel. After a frosty sleep, I was happy to leave the elevation and enjoy the warmth of the sun, but not without having my daily latte at a very good local shop. We road on very nice trails with an easy grade and along the most beautiful lake and scenery. Lake Pukaki has the most beautiful colour and the mountains views are breathtaking! For the first day on our trip, no sheep or cow sightings!

Twizel was not the most impressive town, but had all the essentials, coffee shops, bakeries and a good campsite. But the trail was AWESOME! Started with a quiet ride along the water, followed by some fun easy single track along the lake surrounded by rose bushes. As if it wasn’t already perfect, this amazing climb started with constant switchbacks accompanied by the most amazing views! A picnic table on the side of the trail, just before getting to the top, was the best lunch spot ever! The descend was also fun, riding on single, then doubletrack through little rivers ending up with…a coffee cart! the best coffee spot, serving an excellent latte! In the middle of nowhere, this very nice gentleman (Lakes coffee) set up his coffee business, the greatest idea and the best way to take a break before getting on the pavement and getting to the next campsite. Tomorrow’s ‘s breaks may involve wine 🙂

We didn’t get lost, no one got injured, I didn’t lose anything, we avoided the rain and road one of the best trail I have ever ridden!











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