THE Timber trail

I was as excited as a kid waiting up Christmas morning! Not sure if it was because I was going to ride the Timber trail (the trail We were trying to get to a couple days ago) or because I was going to do it on my own or because Barry (the police chief) and his wife were making it possible by driving me there (Thanks again!).

Kelsey is taking the bus to Wellington to get a follow up appointment for her broken hand and I am getting back on the bike and ride solo. I had initially planned to ride on my own, but having Kelsey’s company made the trip much more fun. The Timber trail is a remote 84km mountain bike trail and let’s be honest I am a chicken! No cell reception, being rescued in the same forest 2 days before, I was a bit nervous.

Awesome trail riding! Steep climbs to start, hard and sometime slippery surface on exposed trail, but extremely muddy as soon as I entered the forest or covered sections. Riders I crossed on the trail all had duallys, but seriously, a cross bike works great! My bike is now covered with mud that won’t be shaken off 🙂 The trail can be ridden in 2 days, with a campsite and a lodge halfway, but doable in one day. After climbing and riding through thick forest for ever I got worried I wouldn’t be able to finish, but the last 20km was just amazing easy singletrack, with breathtaking views. The trail is very well marked, no way I could get lost today! I rolled on many suspended bridges, along ridges and took the time to appreciate the view, it was an amazing day!

A few kilometres of road riding to find lodging and some more to get to the train station today. Quite hilly for my muddy bike that won’t shift properly 😦 Kelsey got the thumbs up from the doctor (still broken, but not getting worse), so back on the road with my one handed riding partner taking the ferry from Wellington tomorrow, time to explore the South Island!










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