Bikepacking, Nouvelle Zelande

Human nature

When my daughter’s phone was stolen at a campsite last week, I wasn’t surprised by human nature. With time you learn to accept that people suck! But in the last 24hours my faith was restored.

Not only did the police and search and rescue got us out of the Pureora forest, they went back today to find my bivie and brought it back to our hotel. The police chief who coordinated the whole thing offered to take me back to the start of the Timber trail where we were trying to get (it is an hour away from Taupo)The mechanic’s workload at Top Gear was too heavy to fix my bike in time for my departure, so the manager adjusted it and made sure I could get back to my adventure.

I didn’t plan to get to Taupo, but I am happy I did. We met amazing people and enjoyed a needed day off. I was happy to get my first good coffee in days as well as a monster breakfast. There is also lots of riding to be done here, I will definitely be back.

Leaving for the Timber trail tomorrow thanks to Mark and all the staff at Top gear, thanks to Everyone from search and rescue in Taupo.




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