Bikepacking, Nouvelle Zelande

A very long day!

You know these days that don’t end up the way they should have? The ones where you regret a bunch of decisions? That trail that I shouldn’t have taken, the point where I should have turned around when the hill was too steep and muddy and slippery, that junction that I should have investigated more, … we are now sitting in our sleeping bags waiting to be rescued

Yesterday was a varied day of riding. We started with rolling hills through farm country, then got onto gravel and the caught the Waikato river trail and enjoyed fun and bumpy singletrack, punchy hills, and light dirt trail. I ended up crashing, feeling over confident riding down a gravel hill with my luggage filled cyclocross. Just scratches, but lesson learned, I will not try to show Kelsey my downhill skills again!

Today started the same as yesterday, but we took a more remote trail to try to get to the timber rail trail. It was awesome being in the middle of nowhere! We got on the skinniest suspended bridge I have seen, an old atv trails and lots of big climbs. We were really happy when we found our lunch spot, the marker for the middle of the north island. It is after eating our dried salami and m&m that everything went south or west or ? We took a trail that wasn’t ment to be ridden and even difficult to walk. After walking for 5 hours on a trail that was supposed to be 2.5km, I made the 111 call.

Search and rescue found us and brought us to Taupo. We will ride and relax here for a couple of days. Enough excitement and remoteness for now.










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