Bikepacking, Nouvelle Zelande


Can you imagine having to go back to the basics and have to relearn the essentials? I am now getting better at looking right then left when crossing the street, I am getting better at understanding Kiwi English, I still can’t pronounce the names of the towns, but the worse is navigating the cart without collision in a busy supermarket. Supermarket isles have have the same circulation rules as the road!

Coffee has been awesome! Every town seems to have tones of coffee shops and I have yet to be served a bad latte. Food on the other hand hasn’t been exciting, I think that we need to find more local specialities.

I ride with 2 younger ladies and I am showing them the basics of bikepacking, like carrying a bottle of wine in a jersey pocket, chips on the bike without breaking them, how to do laundry in the shower,…

We had an easy day today, low mileage and touristy visits. Tomorrow will be an uninteresting 70km ride to Rotorua and it seems that are luck with the weather has turn and it should be a wet one.






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