Bikepacking, Nouvelle Zelande

Direction royaume des Kiwis

It’s been a few months since the final commitment. I needed to purchase the plane tickets in order to make sure I was actually taking a month off. Where could I ride in November that would have good enough weather and safe enough for a not too brave single women.

New Zealand here I come!

Just another adventure! 1 month on my bike discovering a country I never thought I would set foot in.

I am lucky enough to know a Kiwi who gave me some really interesting reads and hints to help on planning for the journey. The kennett brother cycle trails book and a national geographic map and there I go… I may have to do a little (or a lot) more research, but I seem to be a bit more prepared then on other trips. I am also open to any recommendation.

I was first going solo, but I will now have the immense privilege to have my daughter join for the first 10 days and a friend/collegue will join for the whole month. Anyone else wants to join? We are going mostly off road, there seem to be a lot of trails for us to go from North to south without having to share the road with too many cars. I hear that NZ people are crazy drivers and that roads aren’t safe for cyclists.


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