Welcome to sunny California

One last night camping in Oregon, that same amazing star filled sky, the constant sound of the ocean and to add to the perfect setting a herd of some kind of animal kept us entertained for a good part of the night. Sadly it was our last night in one of these perfect campgrounds.

We met with a very brave lady who will ride and camp on her own all the way to San Diego. She has 2 months off and is riding an older straight handlebar steel bike. Front and rear pannier, fully loaded, climbing all the same hills we are, with our once very light bikes. I wish you an amazing trip Mollie!

Getting further south we passed another cyclotourist who is riding down to Argentina. An amazing set up of paniers front, back and handlebar. He couldn’t believe how light we were packing and asked what he was doing wrong!

As the road slowly drifts away from the ocean we enter sunny California. We got the ocean back and even got to walk on the beach a few times 🙂 the last few days were exceptionally warm and sunny, we now wear the very attractive cyclist tan lines!

The bike route is not as well marked and campsites not as accessible as Oregon. Sadly (NOT! ) we have to hotel, lack of open campsites. It is still an amazing route, plenty of amazing view points, separated bike paths, going through old growth forest, following the ocean and riding through farm land.

We were hoping for an easy day today, but it didn’t work out as planned. Hopefully tomorrow doesn’t bring us anymore surprises. We will leave Eureka early and go through the valley of the giants ending our day in Leggett.

Only 500km to go!





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