Roughing it!

We are getting really good at that bike touring thing! Almost as good as these people packing front and rear panniers or pulling trailers. It seems that we are a bit early, the season for insane people riding down the coast starts in a month. It is a tunny bit cold at night, maybe more rain then if we had waited a month, but no reservations needed anywhere, RV traffic fairly light (worst people to pass us on the road!)

My little super light North Face tent is now up in less then 2 minutes and taken down as fast. It doesn’t takes us too much time to pack our bikes either, Heidi masters the art of bungee cords for excess luggage and drying her clothes while riding. Our setup isn’t the traditionnal way of bike touring and Real bike touring people still look down on us, but who cares?

Camping may be the way to go, Oregon may have the best state park camp sites, I miss my bed and comfy pillows! Please someone convince Heidi that hotels are awesome 🙂

Road and scenery is still amazing along the coast bike route.

We have passed the 1000km today! So I thought I deserved some wine and cheese to celebrate 🙂











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