From Chuckanut to the coast

Foggy and cold mornings, but great hilly and windy roads. Surprisingly, I find that heading to the coast through the east side of the Olympic national forest is much nicer then the west side, it may feel less remote with more rural towns and less of the logging trucks.Port Townsen is a charming little town with it’s historic neighbourhood and little shops.

Great coffee shops! On my last trip down the coast, I couldn’t find decent coffee, but not on this trip. Little coffee shops on the road, Hoodsport coffee company in Hoodsport, can’t wait to discover more good shop along the way. Good thing Heidi requires her coffee and afternoon fix too!

Today was a long and challenging day. We had to deal with rough pavements, strong head winds and very uneven temperature. Following Google’s advice, we took a shortcut that sent us on a gravel road with steep climbs for 15km, just at the end of our day.

We explored off the beaten path, rode on some awesome scenic roads following rivers, wetlands and forests. I got to draft Heidi with her shammy inside out drying on her saddle bag, we sang songs when the road was too quiet, ate chocolate bars, donuts and jelly beans, a great day!






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