The road less traveled or so we thought

The bloom of the century! That’s what what our parking lot/campsite neighbor told us to explain the busyness, the overflowed sold out campgrounds. The picturesque landscape makes up for the worst looking campsite ever. It is Death Valley after all, how could we expect a shaded campsite surrounded by trees!

When you start your ride below sea level, you can only expect to start the with a climb!  Leaving in the afternoon to avoid the worst of the heat, we ended up chasing the last light on our rides. Stunning mix of colours, sandy and rocky hills, dunes, … And flowers growing into the mix, amazing! Roads are generally smooth, shoulders are better on the Furnace creek to Badwater section, but traffic is low enough that riding is amazing everywhere through out the park. Brad may have hated me for the loop I picked on our second day, 700 m climb in 10km just out of Stovepipe Wells, but the views at the top made up for it, or did they?

If you ever go, keep in mind that the park is huge and it’s a desert. If you run out of the essentials, you will be able to refill, but at a premium! Definitely a place I would like to come back to!



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