The snowbirds got one thing right!

To make sure Bob was a happy camper and enjoyed a cool air conditioned day while we were riding, we parked into the best of the best RV campgrounds available in Tucson. To say the least I feel a bit inadequate next to these monstrous motor homes!

Low 30’s, blue sky, low wind, kilometers of bike bath, all the elements were cooperating to give us that amazing road riding day. Tucson has that great bike path called “the loop” which takes you around and out of the city without having to be on the same road as a car. It felt very different to follow dried rivers instead of the ocean or a lush forest.

There are many other great roads and trails in Tucson. As recommended by a friendly staff at fair wheel bikes, the Mccain loop and the mt Lemmon are staple rides. I would have loved to try the Mt Lemmon climb, but for once I have to be reasonable and give these climbing legs a break before we head out to other mountainous regions.

No good ride day is complete without a stop at a cool coffee shop! We found a great roaster, EXO, in a historic part of downtown who poured a great espresso. Well worth the little detour to get our fix.


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