Heading south to ghost towns USA

Looking for some warmer weather and some epic riding, we headed down to Silver City, New Mexico.

The road taking us to destination was quite interesting, if not frightening! I had to make sure not to drive into deers or cows or go over a cliff! We drove up as high as 10000ft, wich revealed some of the most amazing views. This region of New Mexico used to thrive exploiting mines, but a lot of them now closed, gave way to a few ghost towns, a lot of run down and mainly abandoned houses and buildings.

Our campsite is not located in a national park, but between the main road and a cemetery. It has some essential features, clean WARM SHOWERS and 10km from the Gila Park. An awesome, constant, very long climb straight out of our cozy RV into the National Park, a spectacular road ride on a very quiet road. On our 70km ride today, we climbed 1199m. Hopefully Tucson will be gentler on my knees tomorrow!





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