How to Santa Fe

-Start by picking a campground close to the city; I chose the best location, right in the Santa Fe national forest more precisely Hyde memorial park. Just 15km, & a  700m climb out of town!

Lots of hiking and mountain biking in the park, worth coming back during summer. The mtb trails were still snowed in or too wet to be ridden.

-Visited the local shop for road ride loops recommendations; Mellow Velo had printed road ride suggestions and were very helpful. If only we stuck to the recommendations and road postings 😔

The road taking us out of town was amazing, for the most part we had a designated bike lane, until it was quiet enough that it wasn’t needed. Nice climbs and descends, great view points. Having great view points, means high elevation, means snow, lots of snow! 

-Took a day to wonder around in the city. It is well worth it! Art gallerys, museum, architecture, food… 










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