Which bike?

It took us several months to decide which bike was the perfect one. We couldn’t decide on only one, the cyclocross with 2 wheelsets, the road bike with wider tires, just the mountain bike? So 2 bikes each, the road (Giant Defy and Liv Avail) and the mountain bikes (Giant Trance and Liv Lust), it is making our RV living space quite challenging!

I would have never brought a road bike to Sedona (the best mtb trails I know of!), but after riding out of the city, admiring breathtaking scenery, cool old buildings that seem to come from an old western, tasting wine,… I am uncertain of the type of riding I want to do for my last 2 days here.

The snow from last week’s snowstorm Sedona had has almost entirely disappeared. The trails are mostly dry and the red rocks are as grippy as I remembered them. We rented a bike for my daughter to let her discover the trails, before she went back home. Until a few falls & becoming better acquainted with cacti , she really enjoyed herself!



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